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SLEEQ FLEX (All-in-One Enhanced Profile TLSO Back Brace)

Item #: BBTLSO 
SLEEQ® FLEX offers all the benefits of LSO products in a TLSO design that maximizes patient comfort, control and compliance.
  • Ideal for taller profile patient (5 ft - 6 ft) and for low thoracic/lumbar issues
  • 18.5" back panel
  • Telescoping posterior thoracic extension makes donning and doffing a cinch with well padded and breathable shoulder control straps that remind patients to extend their thoracic spine by using their own muscles.
  • Lightweight and low profile
  • Covers T3-S1 of the spine (Scapular Spine T3 through Sacrococcygeal Junction)
  • Sizes up to 26-54" (SLEEQ® EXT extension panel lengthens brace to accommodate a waist circumference range of 54-62")
  • PDAC approved under L0456