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RemZzzs Full Face Liner, K2-FM Medium

Item #: K2-FM 

The RemZzzs CPAP Full Face Mask Liner removes any discomfort or disruptions caused by your CPAP mask and machine by providing a barrier between the mask and the skin. To help you sleep comfortably, it reduces noisy air leaks for quieter therapy and is made of soft cotton that absorbs facial oils and prevents irritation.

  • 100% cotton material is soft and breathable; absorbs facial oils and prevents blisters, pressure marks and skin irritations
  • Reduces air leaks for quieter CPAP therapy
  • Size full face medium; also available in small and large and nasal sizes
  • For use with Resmed Quattro/FX (M), ResMed Ultra Mirage (M), Respironics ComfortGel (M), Respironics ComfortFull2 (M), Respironics FullLife (M), EVO Comfort, Roscoe Full Face Mask (M), APEX
  • Disposable
  • Quantity: 30/case