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STRENGTHTAPE: 12 Uncut Rolls, 5M

Item #: POP-ST-5MU 
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StrengthTape retail POP display with 12 uncut roll assortment (includes 4 black, 4 beige, 2 red, 2 royal blue). StrengthTape provides support & stability for muscles, joints, and tendons without limiting range of motion like a traditional brace. Featuring AllSport adhesive, StrengthTape can be worn for up to 5 days in nearly any condition, including water. Great for shin splints, back pain, ankle sprain, shoulder pain and other applications.
  • 12 uncut roll assortment in an attractive retail POP display
  • Includes 4 black, 4 beige, 2 red, 2 royal blue
  • Breathable cotton fabric
  • 10% more stretch
  • Support, stability & compression
  • 5 -7 days wear time and can get wet
  • Infused with IonTech minerals in tape that emit ions
  • Easy-to-follow instructions