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Professional Grade Paraffin Bath, Unscented (6PK Kit)

Item #: WRM2320 
Brand Item: WRM2320
Brand: WRMAN

The Professional Grade Paraffin Bath provides moisture and heat therapy to soothe aching joints and stiff muscles. With a full-size inner tank and compact outer tank, it accommodates hands, feet, and elbows while still fitting on a countertop.

  • Tank fits hands, feet, or elbows while remaining compact and portable
  • Includes built in handles for portability
  • Automatic paraffin temperature control for optimum therapeutic benefit
  • Includes 6 lbs of unscented, triple-filtered paraffin
  • Fully insulated and energy efficient, designed for 24-hour operation
  • CE marked and CETL listed for quality and safety to ensure reliable and safe operation
  • Quantity: 6/PK
For a compact yet effective moisture and heat therapy option, purchase the Professional Grade Paraffin Bath.