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Aluminum D Cylinder with Wrench Valve, 6/PK

Item #: PX-8702-1W 
Brand Item: 328525

We offer empty aluminum oxygen cylinders in standard sizes packaged to meet your requirements. The Catalina D Cylinder with CGA-870 Wrench Valve holds up to 425 liters of oxygen. This is available with wrench, toggle, or dual control valves in pallet or 6-pack quantities.

  • High strength aluminum alloy up to 40% lighter than steel brushed body
  • Green dome and heat sensitive clear coat finish. Easy to clean and maintain
  • Includes wrench valve; also available with toggle or dual control valves
  • Private labeling options available with your choice of stamping or silk screen. Pallet minimums are required, additional fees may apply.
  • Individual weight: 6.32 lbs
  • Quantity: 6/pack

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