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800cc Hi-Flow Suction Canister with Aerostat Filters

and Float Valve Shutoff
Item #: 1160B-1 
Brand Item: 11608
Brand: BEMIS

These 800cc Hi-Flow Suction Canisters are a high-quality way to meet fluid collection and disposal needs. They provide a high flow rate, so suctioning is quick and efficient during procedures.  

  • For small-volume use
  • Includes self-sealing lid with leak-free seal
  • Features pour spout for emptying without removal of lid, vacuum and horizontal patient port for direct connection of tubing
  • Features Aerostat bacterial filter to protect against contamination
  • Built-in critical measure for more accurate measuring
  • Mechanical shutoff valve prevents overflow and contamination
  • Universal ports and size for use with most suction machines
  • Disposable, single use
  • Dimensions: 6" H x 9" L x ½" W
  • Sold individually

For the best option in fluid collection and disposal during procedures, purchase the Hi-Flow Suction Canisters.