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Salter 350cc Humidifier, 6 PSI valve

Item #: 7600 
Brand Item: 7600-0-50
Brand: Salter

The Salter 350cc Humidifier with 6 PSI Valve is designed for use with oxygen flow rates up to 6 psi. It is ideal for home and clinical oxygen therapy use, providing patients with top-quality treatment.

  • For oxygen flow rates of up to 6 psi
  • Operates quietly and efficiently with improved hydration
  • Easy to seal and made of durable plastic
  • Clearly marked minimum and maximum lines make it easy to identify optimum operation levels without rubbing or washing off
  • 360-degree diffuser head design is effective with low operation volume
  • Automatically-resetting pressure relief valve also has audible alert to warn of any potential hazards
  • Large wing nut is easy to grip, seals in pressure, and prevents rain-out and cross-threading
  • Quantity: 50/case

For high-quality oxygen therapy, purchase your Salter 350cc Humidifier.