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Ultra-Fine Filter for Respironics M-Series, 6 Pack

Item #: AG1029331 
Brand Item: AG1029331

These ultra-fine disposable CPAP filters are essential for your device, as they filter the CPAP airflow of airborne particles and pollen. They are designed for use with Philips Respironics M-Series CPAP Machines.  

  • Effectively filter airborne particles, dirt, and pollen from your CPAP airflow to ensure clean air
  • Ultra-fine design fits easily in device
  • Disposable; should be replaced every 2-4 weeks for best device performance
  • Fit Philips Respironics M-Series CPAP Machines
  • Quantity: 6 filters per pack

For cleaner and healthier CPAP therapy with your Respironics M-Series device, purchase your Ultra-Fine CPAP Filters.