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CPAP Pro Complete

Item #: CPAP-PRO 

The CPAP Pro Complete mask creates an exceptional seal on the nose without the need for straps or headgear. With a mouthpiece that snaps onto your upper teeth and holds two respiratory tubes with nasal puffs in perfect relation to your nose, leakage and irritation is eliminated regardless of sleep position.

  • Silicone nasal puffs provide high-quality therapy without irritating nostrils
  • Easy-to-form mouthpiece can be prepared at home and comfortably secures to upper teeth
  • Adjustable hose clamps allow patient to adjust fit to their facial features and pressure against nostrils
  • Foam diffusers surround exhalation ports for quiet operation
  • Includes corrugated tubes that allow patient to move without disrupting air flow
  • Can easily connect to all CPAP machines with Y Coupling
  • Includes curved bracket for customization and adjustments

For a CPAP mask that eliminates irritation without sacrificing performance, purchase the CPAP Pro Complete.