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Easy-Flex CPAP Tubing, 8'

Item #: FGC12700 0000 
FGC12700 0000

The Carex Easy-Flex CPAP Tubing has a high-quality, soft, and flexible feel. Created to fit most of the popular CPAP masks, this lightweight CPAP tubing will also help keep a mask in place. The smooth interior allows excellent airflow and is compatible with virtually all CPAP, APAP, and Bi-Level systems.

  • Available in 6', 8', and 10'. The CPAP machine hose if available in multiple sizes to meet your comfort needs. Each sleep apnea hose features 22 mm connectors.
  • Durable, lightweight tubing for comfort and dependability. Carex CPAP hose is lightweight to not hold down the mask and cause discomfort. Its made of durable materials to provide efficient airflow for quality sleep therapy.
  • Universal to all CPAP masks and most CPAP machines. Our sleep apnea tube has been designed to be a convenient CPAP breathing tube that provides an easy universal fit.