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ProBasics Semi-Electric Single Motor, Springs and Rod

Head Spring, Foot Spring & Hi-Low Rod
Item #: HBSMSS 

These Head and Foot Spring Sections allow patients to adjust their bed position to their liking. For use with ProBasics Single Motor Bed (#PBSMB).

  • Head and foot spring sections for ProBasics Single Motor, Semi-Electric Bed (#PBSMB). To be used with Single Motor Bed Ends (#HBSMBEM).
  • Can be raised simultaneously or independently using the simple-to-use motor box pendant
  • Smart, recessed design helps reduce pinching and injuries
  • Trendelenberg and reverse Trendelenberg position capable
  • Included in all ProBasics Semi-Electric Single Motor Bed Packages

For a wide range of bed position options, purchase the Head and Foot Spring Sections.