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Parker Labs Signa Spray Electrode Solution, 2-oz

Item #: LS2177-2 

The Parker Labs Signa Spray Electrode Solution preps the skin prior to attaching electrodes to maximize their effectiveness and prolong electrode life. It is a non-gritty solution that is ideal for use with muscle stimulation equipment and conductive garments, but not recommended for defibrillation.

  • Preps the skin to maximize conductivity of electrodes
  • Rehydrates self-adhesive electrodes and prolongs electrode life
  • Easy to apply and clean; non-gritty with no residue build-up
  • Bacteriostatic and hypoallergenic; will not irritate skin
  • Will not stain clothes or equipment
  • 2-oz size; also available in 8.5-oz size
  • Not recommended for defibrillation
  • Proudly made in the USA