Meridian Medical Fall Mat

72" X 20" X 0.75"
Item #: FM7220 
The Meridian Medical Fall Mat helps reduce the possibility of injuries related to accidental patient falls from their bed.  The PVC Fall Mat offers a ¾” low profile design with tapered edge that lessens the likelihood of a patient tripping on the perimeter.  Please note that impact reduction will vary based on the floor surface on which the mat is placed, the weight of the patient and other possible factors.
Features and Benefits:
  • PVC Material offers tear resistance, durability and is easy to clean and disinfect
  • Non-skid bottom helps keep the mat safely in place
  • Anti-fatigue properties provide additional comfort for caregivers
  • For use when the patient is in the bed
  • Ships in brown box - 20.9" X 8.7" X 8.7"
  • 12 Month Limited Warranty
Please note that subject to the floor surface and ambient room temperature, the mat may may take longer than 24 hours to fully flatten.  Initial creasing of the product will lessen over the product lifetime.